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Mountain Valley Meats Burraneer Butcher

Grass Feed Beef

Burraneer Butcher Grass Fed Beef

Our Grass Fed Beef, is Hereford Aged Grass Fed Beef. Grass feeding changes the taste and quality of the beef & is a popular choice when putting your health 1st.

Free Range Chicken

Burraneer Butcher Chicken

Free range chicken both tastes better and the farming methods are more humane  and sustainable resulting in a higher quality, lower impact resource to feed your family.

Australia’s Best Lamb

Burraneer Butcher lamb

We choose Australian Lamb from Victoria because of its superior quality. Victoria has long been known as the best source of Lamb all you have to do is taste it and you’ll agree.

Australian Pork and Ham 

Burraneer Butcher Pork

All of the Ham and Pork we provide our customers is grown in Australia. Whereas 80% of the pork sold in Australia is imported. Taste the difference and buy Australian Pork.

Mountain Valley Meats

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Sutherland Shire Butcher, Mountain Valley Meats ia a member of the Australian Indepedent Butcher’s Guild

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This Week’s Specials

There’s nothing easier than beef chili con carne sweet potatoes.


500g lean beef mince

2 sweet potatoes (approx. 300g each), scrubbed

1 tbsp olive oil

1 red onion, finely chopped

400g can kidney beans, rinsed, drained

400g jar arrabbiata pasta sauce

½ cup grated tasty cheese

Coriander sprigs, pre-made coleslaw or salad leaves, lime wedges, to serve

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We’re More than Just Meat

In store at Mountain Valley Meats, your Burraneer Butcher, we provide Australian made, organic dressings, condiments and sauces for everything you need to prepare the meat and produce you purchase.

Range of gluten and dairy free Dressings

Burraneer Butcher dressings
In store we have a great range of natural dressings, sauces and relishes from Emelias. These Australian made products are totally natural (no artificial colours or flavourings) and contain no gluten or dairy.  Our Favourite? The Mint Sauce for our Australian Lamb.

Organic bone broths and stocks

Burraneer Butcher bone broth
A full range of gluten free and preservative free stocks in store. The Stock Merchant is Australia’s first range of free range and sustainable stocks, sauces and bone broths. These stocks, sauces and bone broths are made the traditional way – they don’t add salt, flavour enhancers, gluten, preservatives or additives. It’s real food made from real ingredients.

condiments and sauces for meats

Burraneer Butcher condiments
All the condiments you need to make your meal geat, in store.

  • Certified organic Australian Rock Sea Salt
  • Himilayan Pink rock salt with organic whole black pepper
  • All natural sliced jalapenos
  • Organic Pasta Sauce – Arrabbiata
  • Organic Passata pasta sauce
Burraneer Butcher recipies

Autumn Family Favourites from your Burraneer Butcher

Hearty and authentic family friendly beef and lamb recipes for Autumn. Read how to cook the perfect steak; get the recipie for Lamb and Pumpkin Curry with Pistachio and Braised sausages with tomato and fennel.

Burraneer Butcher Gluten Free Sausages

If you are sensitive to gluten you probably don’t eat sausages anymore. No need to deprive yourself anymore as all of Mountain Valley Meats sausages are Gluten Free! We choose a rice meal as the base making our range of beef, pork and chicken sausages perfect for customers who love sausges and have issues with gluten.
Burraneer Butcher sausages